What we stand for: sustainable reefkeeping - without compromise



The facility

As an aquaculture company, Coralaxy specialized in the cultivation of colorful corals. In addition to our own coral frags, we will offer you a wide range of different marine ornamentals sustainably produced by our international partner companies.


All animals offered by Coralaxy are 100% captive bred.



The founders

Coralaxy - that's us: Diane and Johannes.

Our story started in 2011, when we set up a little nano reef tank in our dormitory. Quickly more tanks were added to the system and space was getting scarce. After moving to a bigger apartment, our living room was converted into a fish room and we began to breed different marine ornamental species.

As passionate scuba divers we had to realize that tropical coral reefs all over the world are in a bad condition and that the reef keeping hobby contributes to this situation.

The idea for Coralaxy emerged from this love and knowledge: An online shop for captive bred marine ornamentals.

In addition, we both graduated in biology and aquaculture. During our studies we had the opportunity to work for and together with well-known companies and research institutions. Now we want to use our good relationships, our established network and our work experience to increase the availability and acceptance of aquacultured marine ornamentals within Europe.



The products

We at Coralaxy love corals. That's why we will focus on coral propagation.

However, this does not mean that you can only buy coral frags from Coralaxy. We work together with many national and international partner companies and will therefore be able to offer you everything you need to set up a colorful reef tank.

And the best thing about it: all animals come from sustainable aquaculture! So you don't have to worry about your hobby having a negative impact on coral reefs. In addition, captive bred marine ornamentals offer you some interesting advantages compared to wild-catches. These animals are disease-free and adapted to aquarium conditions.